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  1. Losing Your Sexual Identity to Motherhood
    15 Dec, 2017
    Losing Your Sexual Identity to Motherhood
    Am I the only woman out there who feels like becoming a mother has completely disconnected them from their sexual identity? I’m not simply talking about having sexual desires, I mean even just having moments of feeling “sexy”. Sure, when I dress up I have moments of feeling “pretty”, “beautiful” even…but “sexy”, I haven’t felt that for quite some time. Losing Your Sexual Self: Motherhood is amazing in so many ways, but for me it also detached any sexual associations I had previously felt for
  2. Society's Complicity in Sexual Harassment
    28 Nov, 2017
    Society's Complicity in Sexual Harassment
    In the wake of women all over the entertainment industry finally beginning to break their silence over the sexual abuse and harassment they have been facing for decades, I think we are well and truly overdue for examining how this vile culture has been able to go on without consequence for so long.  The stories we are hearing about the Weinsteins, Cosbys, Spaceys and Burkes of the world echo the experiences many of us have had in our own workplaces and communities. While we are slowly coming
  3. The Emergence of My Sunshine
    07 Nov, 2017
    The Emergence of My Sunshine
    Our story of welcoming our daughter into the world
  4. She Has Secrets
    03 Nov, 2017
    She Has Secrets
    The place to share your stories anonymously.